Visit for more feral hog resources. Photos are transmitted from our wireless camera when motion is detected at the bait site and sent to the user’s cell phone, tablet or computer using the jager pro ® app.

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It's rare for pigs to push their way into a trap and usually only happens when other pigs are.

Diy hog trap trigger. The trap gate is 8 feet wide and triggered with a message from your cell phone to our m.i.n.e. Install the rings along the center line of the length of the trap, from the trap's entrance to the bait pan assembly. After a week of heavy feeding, untie the wire and set the trap.

The jager pro ® m.i.n.e. When the animal enters the live trap it will activate the raptor wireless camera to take a photo. With one hand pinching the dowel and the other the ends of the wire, twist it tightly a half dozen times.

Gate may also be triggered using an onsite transmitter with a. Rig a trigger attached to a root stick and bait the root stick so that the hogs eating the corn will release the root stick causing the door to spring closed. Built a buddy one using a honda trunk latch.

The same type of set up can be use to catch feral hogs. The root stick trigger is dependent upon gravity and is best suited for use with a sliding drop door. The grain of the plywood should run left and right.

Click on each trap to see current photos, battery, and wireless signal. Diy cellular remote controlled hog trap. Movement of the trough triggers the gate to close via a tripwire connecting the two together.

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When trapping feral hogs or larger Just spread a trail of corn and open the door to the pathway. Gsm controller 30.00 prepaid alarm sims card 8.00,antenna booster 12.00, solar charger 30.00, solar charger controller 15.00.

® camera allows a cellular remote control trigger and is the latest innovation for efficient trapping success. I hope to use this when i see that there are hogs in my trap and only trigger the trap door when it is convenient for me to go get them since the trap is an hour drive from my home. Bait is placed around and on top of the root stick, and the trap is sprung when feeding and rooting pigs push the root stick out from behind the set stakes.

Im gonna try an actuator that roughneck showed. You can transfer the pigs almost the same way: I use a push pull solenoid.

Additionally, if you are going to setup a cellular controlled trigger on one of these doors, it will require you to connect the individual panels to create one large, heavy panel to be controlled by the cellular trigger. Place the rings so they are evenly spaced between the door and bait pan. When you do this, you lose the primary feature that allows continuous trapping with these doors, that being the smaller, lighter panels that are easily rooted up by an individual pig.

Also use this when you are not going to run the trap to avoid accidentally trapping hogs. When the user receives the photo they can send a sms text command back to the raptor to trigger the solenoid and close the live trap. Allow about 1/4 clearance between the plywood and the posts.

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Running a hog trapping business or managing a few traps. Trip wires corral trap trip wire This is an example of when this would have been useful for me to have this remote.

You tube is a great source for traps and triggers. Attach the bracket to the Most of these traps are small with a narrow entry that is not conducive to large numbers of animals making their way into the trap before the gate closes.

Cut a small length of snare wire (approximately 18 inches). Change settings, add/delete email addresses, capture on. Cut the bracket to fit the rooter door frame.

All of your traps will be displayed on google maps from the m2m connect cloud dashboard. I have built a few for the large round hog trap. Sheet metal top 2×4 4×4 post

Most experts agree corral traps that are 15 to 20 feet in diameter are the most effective for wild hog removal and control. The hogs being hogs will hit the trigger and release the door and they are yours. The trigger with the tops of their backs.

About 4 inches down from one end, place a dowel horizontally across the wire and loop the wire around three times. Do this when you first set the trap to get the hogs used to going in and out of the trap to feed. What type of trapdoor/gate will best meet your needs depends on budget, location and time.

To use a solenoid trigger. I use a 2×4 about 2' long usually, but stuck a stick in the pic below to give you an idea. The idea is to spread corn in a trail to the trigger mechanism and focus a large supply of corn around this.

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