Place blobs of this on piece of stiff paper or cardboard (this is a great use for all those cards that fall out of magazines), and leave where the ants can feed on it. Stir in one cup of powdered boric acid.

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Mix all three ingredients together until the sugar and borax are dissolved and a thick consistency.

How to make liquid borax ant killer. Mix the borax and the sugar inside the jar. All you have to do is follow the correct borax sugar ratio, and you could wipe out an entire colony. Fill an empty spray bottle with the boric acid and water mixture.

This recipe contains three simple ingredients. The borax is the ant’s demise, while the sugar is the bait. The first recipe for borax ant killer in liquid form is quick and easy.

Use a funnel for easy transfer and use caution so not. Close the jar and shake it to mix the two effectively. L show you how to make your own ant killer using the household disinfectant borax!

Natural ant killer to control infestations. You can mix borax powder with confectioner’s sugar, and then sprinkle it around your lawn, yard, near ant mounds, ant trails, etc. Heat the water in a pan on your stove, bringing it to a boil.

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After shaking, open the jar and add warm water. In todays video i show you how to make homemade ant killer, using just 2 ingredients, honey and borax. If the ants go for peanut butter, you’ll need to.

Pour the boiling water into the plastic bucket right away. To begin making your liquid borax ant bait recipe, follow these easy steps: You can put these baits on a paper plate or waxed paper if you don’t want them on your floor or counters.

Please share this recipe on facebook and. Sprinkle a layer of the powder along the ant trail. Borax is quite cheap and you should be able to find it.

Borax or boric acid mixed with peanut butter or corn syrup, or mixed with sugar water on cotton balls is a common way to kill ants, just like when you sprinkle borax on ant hills, but there are many other ways to kill these common pests around the home. Not only does this cleaning product wash away the scent of the food or drink, but also deters or repels the ants. Once blended, simply soak in cotton balls, place the mixture into a container, and set it near the ant entry points or nests.

It's very easy and cheap to do! The other simple thing to do is to make sure all food sources are sealed away. Place borax and sugar in boiling water, and stir the mixture to combine them well.

This method of ant control creates a mixture of a few ingredients which are combined to form a liquid ant killer bait, with the primary ingredient used to kill the ants being borax. Boil one quart of water on the stove. Warm water can easily dissolve the borax and sugar, but you can actually use any.

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To prepare a liquid borax sugar bait, you’ll need to mix 1½ tablespoons of borax, 1½ cups of warm water, and 1½ cups of sugar. Ants do not like the scent of most cleaning products. 1 ½ cups warm water.

Use disposable utensils for this recipe and throw them away when you finish. You can also warm some honey and mix in borax powder, then drizzle the mixture in places where ants will find it. Make sure you use a cleaning product that washes away any possible food or drink scent.

Stir the mixture vigorously with a spoon to dissolve the powder. Place a teaspoon of peanut butter and a teaspoon of jelly in a high traffic area for ants.

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