Diy Setting Spray Aloe Vera

1/2 tablespoon of aloe vera gel (normally you would use glycerin, but for dry skin, you can better use aloe vera. The aloe makeup setting […]

Aloe Vera Eye Mask Diy

I found this 99% aloe vera gel from whole foods, but if i didn't find it, i was going to stick to some after. To […]

Aloe Vera Mask Make

Gently twist your hair up if it's long. When you have applied the aloe vera face mask of choice make sure you take your time […]

Aloe Vera Foot Mask Diy

Add a drop of clear skin essential oil blend. 1 tsp raw granulated sugar; Homemade Foot Peel Mask Solution – Truly Works Wonders Ingredients 250ml […]

Aloe Vera Sheet Mask Diy

The aloe vera mask can be used by anyone irrespective of the age. 3 tablespoons of rose water. Amazing Aloe Vera Face Mask For Beautiful […]