With consistent use, you will notice a complete yoni transformation! Yoni oil can be the best choice for maintaining your healthy sexual life.

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Yoni oil is a natural oil infusion which usually contains organic essential oils and organically grown herbs.

What's in yoni oil. Yoni oil may be used as a skin care and self care regimen too. This oil helps strengthen the muscles of the vagina and maintains a regular menstrual cycle. Oil is a smooth thick liquid used as a fuel and for lubricating.

If you have any issues with an imbalanced ph, frequent yeast infections, any. Elena reached out to me awhile back and introduced yoni nectar as an alternative treatment option for women’s sexual health including vaginal dryness, pain, and infection. Yoni in reality is a very special part of a women’s body.

If you will use yoni oil then it will cause acidic ph balance in your vagina through which it will cleanse and detoxify it. Oil is used for any purpose including massage and skincare. I’m a big fan of essential oils and.

Restores vaginal flora, and prevents extra bacteria from yeast ,bv, menses, irritation, chaffing and odor. How to use yoni oil. So, why yoni oil ®?

Bulgarian rose essential oil has an arousing scent and soothes skin. How to safely use yoni oil. It can act as an antibacterial & antifungal.

The customer reviews for this yoni nectar oil show that it is successfully being used as an alternative treatment option for some of our most common yoni health issues including vaginal dryness, pain,. Additionally, many yoni oils can double as body oil, massage oil, or after shave lotion. Yoni oil is a herbal blend that promises to boost vaginal health, improve skin elasticity and provide antioxidant protection, amongst other things.

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The oils also can be used for intimate lubrication and even naturally stimulates arousal. The contents of the yoni oil bottle will vary depending on the manufacturer. Yoni is a term used for the vagina.

There are various women health care products that are being prepared due to their demand in the market. Yoni oil should be used to improve vaginal health. Using yoni oil will prevents the vagina area from any kind of itching and dryness in your vagina.

By using a yoni oil in your vaginal part, your vagina will automatically cleanse out bacteria in a natural manner. • • • • • • • • • • I was amazed to learn about her products!

I was a little hesitant to use this, as most women usually are when it comes to things in the close vicinity of their vagina. Usually, it consists of essential oils, virgin oils of olive, coconut, neem, frankincense, tea tree, myrrh, sage, and lemongrass. Yoni oil is a blend of natural oils that are often infused with essential oils and herbs to care for feminine hygiene and vaginal self care.

Also know, what is holy yoni oil? Its healing & preventative oil formula is made to rejuvenate your yoni and keep it moisturized with a soft feeling and a fresh smell. Holy yoni is an adaptogenic blend of schisandra berry extract, bulgarian rose oil, vitamin e and sweet almond oil.

What’s in yoni oil, you ask? What’s in yoni oil, you ask? Some examples are to restore feminine balance;

Virgin oils of olive, coconut, neem, tea tree, frankincense, myrrh, lemongrass, sage, feminine botanicals, &. Schisandra berry extract helps to improve skin elasticity while providing antioxidant protection. Yoni oil is a natural oil infusion which usually contains organic essential oils and organically grown herbs.

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Most yoni oils are used to moisturise the mons pubis and labia, but they can provide a whole slew of other benefits as well. Jojoba oil.grapeseed oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, se Yoni oil is a mix or blend of usually essential oils that serves the vagina in many ways.

Yoni oil is an oil that is used on your vagina but is not used directly inside. Yoni oil is a blend of olive and coconut oil infused with herbs and essential oils. Oil, we all pretty much know what that means.

Yoni oil provides an array of different benefits depending which ingredients are included. But the benefits don’t stop. The word ‘yoni’ came from sanskrit and the word is still used in any part of india.

This has never been confirmed. Yoni oil can be used as lubricant but the primary benefit of yoni oil is to moisturize the mons pubis and labia majora. What are the ingredients of yoni oil?

Elena pellicano is the maker of yoni nectar, a unique essential oil blend with healing benefits and preventative care for your vagina. This yoni oil contains the following ingredients: Yoni oil is a blend of olive and coconut oil infused with herbs and essential oils.

The benefits of this powerful yoni nectar oil is even more celebrated than the yoni bar benefits. Start your own business selling yoni oil! One below 1⬇️⬇️⬇️ 30 oz glass bottle 64oz aka half gallon jug 128oz aka 1 gallon jug product is measured by weight not jar size.

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Sometimes you will also find traces of apple cider vinegar, although in extremely small quantities. Yoni oil reduces odor causing bacteria, balance ph level, reduce ingrown hairs, and eliminate chronic infections. So many of the “other brands” are just filled with dyes, detergents and toxic ingredients that disrupt the vaginal ph and flora.yoni oil ® protects and restores your natural hormonal and emotional balance.

Paired with our yoni oil that’s filled with calendula & goldenseal herbs & over 7 skin loving & potent oils to help with smooth skin, wound healing, inflammation, antifungal and antimicrobial properties & so much more! They are rejuvenating to your yoni, restoring elasticity for firmness and tightness. It also prevents infection and eliminates odor.

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